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Individuals & Families

Advocacy for inclusion among families and individuals.

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Advocacy for inclusion among families and individuals.

Individuals & Families
Who should take these courses?

Designed for individuals and families interested in building their capacity in moving the inclusion movement forward. The courses will look at creating a strong foundation of advocacy and provide information for all ages and stages. Whether you are just starting out or have been a lifelong inclusion advocate, ICI will be there to provide what you need.

What to expect from our courses
  • Learning how to advocate successfully in a variety fo situations

  • Applying principles of a person-centred approach in a variety of environments

  • Learning how to promote resiliency factors

  • Learning how to personalize and tailor communication methods

  • Fostering psychological well-being within relationships and environments

  • Using strategies to build relationships while providing effective supports

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Individuals & Families

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