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Inclusive Communities Institute



On your time.

Develop the skills
you need to thrive in
inclusive communities.
Convenient. Flexible. Easy to use.

Clearing paths to inclusion.

The Inclusive Communities Institute is an online learning platform dedicated to providing inclusive training. Whether you’re changing careers, or looking to develop the working knowledge you already have, we’re here to provide the learning opportunities you need.

Invest in your future



Lifelong learning.


Easy to access and responsive to any device. Designed to meet accessibility standards.


Flexibility to learn on your own time and at your own pace, in your own space.

Lifelong learning.

Practical tools and strategies that are relevant to your professional role.

Explore our learning paths

Our learning streams have carefully crafted to provide you with intentional, practical knowledge that translates into your work. Each stream is backed by 65 years of Inclusion NB's information, tools, and strategies that we have learned along the way.

New opportunities,
generations in the making.

Inclusive Communities Institute

The movement towards greater inclusion in New Brunswick has, for sixty-five years, advanced the idea that all people have an equal right to opportunity. We’ve worked closely with families, community leaders, researchers, and likeminded organizations to carry these values forward and to make them our own. The goal, as always, is to bring together a wealth of knowledge so you can benefit from everything we’ve learned along the way.

Watch video: A look at InclusionNB

Decision-Making & Representation Act: 
A Course for Lawyers

Inclusion NB creates opportunities for people with an intellectual or developmental disability and their families to live full and valued lives in all aspects of society. We work to ensure that all people have the option to choose the supports they need to live meaningful lives and participate in their communities as valued and contributing members.

We’re so much better together.

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