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Career Development for Success

Our 5-module Career Development course will allow learners to gain knowledge on how to support an individual in discovering their employment goals, understand the role of the employment professional, as well as learn about and use tools to effectively support and engage individuals in planning their career. Learners will feel more confident in their ability to provide personalized, practical career support to individuals.

Neurodiversity & Employment

Neurodiversity & Employment equips employers to create inclusive workplaces for neurodiverse individuals.

Individuals & Families
Sexcess: Healthy Relationships and Sexuality

Sexcess: Healthy Relationships & Sexuality provides intentional tools and strategies for support professionals to help individuals with a disability navigate sexuality, healthy relationships and boundaries using a individualized approach.

Individuals & Families
Inclusion 101

Inclusion 101 provides learners with foundational information about on how to advocate and discover the proper supports at all stages on life.

Self-Employment for Employment Professionals

Learners will be given the knowledge and skills to assist individuals with a disability who wish to explore self-employment as an employment goal.

Education & Early Learning
Inclusion from the Start

Provides the introductory knowledge and skills to enhance learning environments and support children to thrive in any learning environment

Education & Early Learning

Provides in-depth information on inclusive supports for all children in early learning environments through useful information, tools, and strategies.

Getting to Work: Transportation Training

Our 5-module transportation training provides learners with the tools, strategies, and resources to create and implement effective transportation plans for individuals.

Job Development for Success

Gain knowledge on how to support an individual in discovering their employment goals and understand the role of the job developer.

Job Coaching for Success

Providing inclusive on-the-job support

Health, Wellbeing & Quality Supports
Achieving Equal Access

Quality mental health support is essential

Person-Centred Approach

Provides introductory knowledge and skills to assist individuals with a disability using a Person-Centred Approach.

Supported Employment Approach

Provides learners with the knowledge and background of the value of the Supported Employment approach

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Career Development for Success
Who should take this course?

Designed primarily for employment professionals working with individuals with a disability in search of career planning. The information within the course is also relevant to any employment support staff interested in enhancing their knowledge while gaining the useful tools and strategies needed to create effective career plans and successful employment opportunities for the individuals they support.

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5 hours


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